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“Aiming Big with Small Cars”

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

A forthcoming publication on the emergence of a lead market for frugal products in India:

Aiming Big with Small Cars: Emergence of a Lead Market in India

By: Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt

India Studies in Business and EconomicsSpringer Verlag, Series: India Studies in Business and Economics

(2014, Approx. 180 p. 42 illus.)

Hardcover edition (ISBN 978-3-319-02065-5, Due: December 31, 2013)
E-book edition (to be available shortly, ISBN 978-3-319-02066-2)

About the book

  • Critical analysis of today’s dominant logic and extension of lead market paradigm
  • Delivers new assessment tools for identifying emerging lead markets
  • Explores opportunities for frugal innovations and their constituent characteristics
  • Detailed analysis of a sunrise industry in India​

TIME magazine: “India’s Leading Export: CEOs”

Monday, August 8th, 2011

“India may be the ideal CEO training ground”, says a recent article in TIME magazine. Carla Power, the author of the said article, writes:

“The Banga brothers [Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard and Vindi Banga, a partner at Clayton Dubilier & Rice]  are two of a growing roster of global Indian business leaders, a roster that includes CEOs such as Citigroup’s Vikram Pandit and PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi as well as the deans of both Harvard Business School and INSEAD.” Citing a study by two professors from Wharton and China Europe International Business School she mentions:

“The data suggest Indians are scaling corporate heights. In a study of S&P 500 companies, Egon Zehnder found more Indian CEOs than any other nationality except American. Indians lead seven companies; Canadians, four. Among the C-suite executives in the 2009 FORTUNE 500 were two mainland Chinese, two North American Chinese and 13 Indians […].”

Elaborating further she writes:

“What factors account for the rise and rise of India-trained business minds? “Our colleagues in our Asian offices are asking the same question,” laughs Jill Ader, head of CEO succession at the executive-search firm Egon Zehnder International. “Their clients in China and Southeast Asia are saying, ‘How come it’s the Indians getting all the top jobs?'” It could be because today’s generation of Indian managers grew up in a country that provided them with the experience so critical for today’s global boss. Multiculturalism? Check. Complex competitive environment? Check. Resource-constrained developing economy? You got that right. And they grew up speaking English, the global business language.”

The full article, dated August 1, 2011, is available at TIME magazine’s website:,9171,2084441,00.html

Nokia cuts R&D jobs in India

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The Financial Express (27.04.2011) reports that the global mobile handset-maker Nokia would cut “up to 300 jobs in the R&D segment […] in India by the end of 2012”. Qutoing agencies it further states:

Without disclosing finer details, the official said that most of the people working on Symbian would be transferred to Accenture.

Sources said about 800-900 jobs are likely to affected in India in the R&D (Research and Development) segment. Nokia’s India operations has a total workforce of about 10,000. Out of them, around 1,500 employees are in the R&D section.

The Finnish major in a statement today announced plans to align its global workforce and consolidate site operations, which would result in cost reductions 1 billion euro.

Nokia plans to enter into a strategic collaboration with Accenture, whereby it would transfer its Symbian software activities as well as about 3,000 employees to that firm.

“Transitioning employees, located in China, Finland, India, United Kingdom and the United States, will initially work on Symbian software activities for Nokia,” it said.

Source: (Posted: Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 at 1558 hrs IST)

Open & Global Innovation in India: The Case of India’s HCL and US-based Rockwell Collins

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Global Alliance Integral in Helping Rockwell Collins Leverage Global Delivery to Address Customer Needs

SUNNYVALE/NOIDA, MAY 6, 2010 – HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCL), a leading global IT services provider, today announced the 10-year anniversary of its strategic relationship with Rockwell Collins, a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions for aerospace and defense customers worldwide.

HCL’s Engineering and R&D Division (HCL ERS) runs a large offshore design, development and verification center for Rockwell Collins, which encompasses a team of more than 400 dedicated HCL aerospace engineering specialists. Supporting a multitude of Rockwell Collins initiatives, the HCL team works closely with Rockwell Collins’ engineers to develop and verify various solutions important to the company’s customers.

“Our long and successful relationship with HCL has helped us to fulfill the needs of our aerospace customers around the world,” said Steve Nieuwsma, vice president of Commercial Systems Engineering, Rockwell Collins. “For a full decade, Rockwell Collins has leveraged HCL’s engineering services to quickly adjust to customer demands and the economic changes in the global market space. We look forward to continuing our relationship with HCL as we forge ahead to address new and emerging aerospace and defense markets.”

“We are extremely proud of the success and longevity of our strategic relationship with Rockwell Collins, which was our very first aerospace engagement,” said Ramesh Pillai, vice president of Global Aerospace Engineering Services business, HCL Technologies. “The great collaborative effort on both sides has enabled HCL to build a world-class team that has supported Rockwell Collins’ business needs and objectives over the years. We remain focused on delivering great value centricity across the Rockwell Collins organization, and we look forward to working with Rockwell Collins on future projects.”

Highlights of the HCL-Rockwell Collins’ Relationship:
As one of the first aerospace companies to invest in India as a strategic sourcing destination, Rockwell Collins engaged with HCL in 2000 on a verification and validation program. Demonstrating deep industry acumen and understanding of Rockwell Collins’ technical challenges and business objectives, HCL soon positioned itself as an integral technology services subcontractor.

In 2007, Rockwell Collins forged an agreement with HCL to open offshore engineering design and development centers in Chennai and Bangalore, India, to provide high-value software, hardware and mechanical engineering design and verification services. By providing increased efficiency through engineering and domain process investments, HCL’s offshore design center team helps Rockwell Collins advance smart communications and aviation electronic solutions for its global customer base.

To ensure maximum value in today’s increasingly competitive services market, Rockwell Collins leverages HCL’s innovative pricing and joint investment structures, including its Global Risk and Reward Partnership model (GRRP), to help make sustained investments in its operations. The GRRP model, which at its core is based on shared ownership and value creation, offers numerous benefits to Rockwell Collins, such as cost reduction, revenue increase, customer support and risk reduction. The GRRP partnership structure, currently leveraged for the Boeing 787 commercial aircraft program, helps HCL, Rockwell Collins and product companies to more efficiently develop go-to-market plans.

Source: Press release by HCL Technologies, dated: May 6, 2010

Merck Outsources IT-Services to HCL in a $500 Million Deal

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Source: The Economic Times, Mumbai, 05.05.2010, p. 7

INDIA’S fifth-largest IT services company HCL Technologies on Tuesday bagged a $500-million strategic IT outsourcing contract from the US-based Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD). The pact with one of the largest drug makers in the world may indicate the return of the large-ticket deals in the Indian IT sector. ]…]

Merck will leverage HCL’s near-shore delivery network in North Carolina and global delivery centres in Krakow (Poland) and Shanghai. HCL plans to hire US citizens to boost its onshore delivery for Merck in its centre in Raleigh. […]

The Noida based company will provide BPO services, remote infrastructure management (RIM), and enterprise application development for Merck, over the next five years, as part of the deal. HCL Technologies expects revenues from the Merck deal to start flowing from this quarter onwards. Healthcare and Lifesciences contributed almost 8% to HCL Technologies’ $685 million revenues, for the January to March period, this year.

Multinational pharma majors like Pfizer, Novartis and GlaxoSmithkline already outsource to Indian IT service providers like Infosys, TCS, HCL and Wipro. […]