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Chinese R&D in India: Secrecy of the Guests and Security Concerns of the Hosts Jeopardize Global Innovations

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Source: The Economic Times, 06.05.2010, p. 2

A Chinese territory inside India

Bharti Jain NEW DELHI

IT’S not without reason that the security agencies continue to eye Huawei with suspicion. For, the Chinese firm’s R&D facility in Bangalore operates with a secrecy so intense that a larger part of its premises are completely out of bounds for Indians.

At Huawei Technologies’ R&D facility in Bangalore, only the ground and first floors are reportedly accessible to Indian staff. The floors beyond can be accessed only by the Chinese executives and managers, a top intelligence official told ET.

Though Chinese form only a minuscule percentage of Huawei India’s staff at the Bangalore facility, it is they who enjoy exclusive and unrestricted access to R&D office’s top floors. There is not much information on what equipment is tested and what goes on in the ‘Chinese-only’ parts of the building. But intelligence agencies have noticed how Chinese employees of Huawei often have an extended stay in Bangalore for months together.

Though attempts were made by security agencies a few months ago to probe the purpose behind these longdrawn business trips by the Chinese staff of Huawei to Bangalore, they were told curtly that the Chinese were staying on to learn and master English!

Things just got murkier… :-)
Huawei India execs take Indian names to be more culturally acceptable“, Economic Times, Mumbai, 10.05.2010

Update (14.05.2010) 

Huawei has reportedly offered to “reveal the source code for its telecommunications systems” to Government of India. The company reportedly also denied that some areas of its R&D centre in Bangalore were off limits to domestic employees.

“The misconception regarding the R&D centre restricting Indian employees to certain floors is false. Huawei employs over 2,000 Indian engineers and just 30 Chinese engineers in the R&D centre in Bangalore, which includes three buildings with a total of nine floors. In all the three buildings, all employees have access to all floors,” the company said.

Source: Economic Times Mumbai; Date: May 14, 2010; Section: Front Page; Page: 1 and 25