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Symposium on Frugal Innovations in Hamburg

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

“Mastering the Frugal Challenge: Innovating for Global Growth through Affordable Solutions”


Date: Tuesday, 19.11.2013, 9:00 – 18:00 hours
Location: Guest House of the University of Hamburg,
Rothenbaumchaussee 34, D-20148 Hamburg, German
Organizer: Center for Frugal Innovation at TIM/TUHH
Cooperation partners: German-Indian Round Table (GIRT), European Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (EITIM)
Download: Information & preliminary agenda (PDF), Registration form (PDF)

Center for Frugal Innovation @ TIM/TUHH

The inaugural symposium on frugal innovations organized by the newly-launched Center for Frugal Innovation at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) intends to cover upcoming key questions on global growth in both emerging as well as developed markets through affordable and good-enough solutions.


“Aiming Big with Small Cars”

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

A forthcoming publication on the emergence of a lead market for frugal products in India:

Aiming Big with Small Cars: Emergence of a Lead Market in India

By: Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt

India Studies in Business and EconomicsSpringer Verlag, Series: India Studies in Business and Economics

(2014, Approx. 180 p. 42 illus.)

Hardcover edition (ISBN 978-3-319-02065-5, Due: December 31, 2013)
E-book edition (to be available shortly, ISBN 978-3-319-02066-2)

About the book

  • Critical analysis of today’s dominant logic and extension of lead market paradigm
  • Delivers new assessment tools for identifying emerging lead markets
  • Explores opportunities for frugal innovations and their constituent characteristics
  • Detailed analysis of a sunrise industry in India​

New Publication: Open Global Innovation Networks as Enablers of Frugal Innovation

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

New publication from Research Project Global Innovation of the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Hamburg University of Technology:

Open Global Innovation Networks as Enablers of Frugal Innovation: Propositions Based on Evidence from India

By: Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt


TIM/TUHH Working Paper No. 72



Recent years have seen the emergence of low-cost innovations targeted at economically weaker sections of the society, seeking to align business with social welfare. In many instances, results on the ground have been, however, rather sobering as firms have generally (probably justifiably) worried that “good quality, low price” products may cannibalize into their regular business. At the same time those very customers that were intended to benefit from the new approach have tended to shy away fearing low quality and social stigma of using cheap products. Using multiple case studies of successful affordability-driven innovations (“frugal innovations”) from India we investigate how firms can effectively reduce market and technology uncertainty of product innovations targeted at price-sensitive customers. The key criteria to success seem to lie in reducing the overall cost of ownership and enhancing customer perception of quality and image. The case studies reveal that affordability-driven innovations are especially successful when firms seek recourse to “open global innovation networks” (OGINs) for collaborative development in all phases of the innovation value chain.


Frugal Innovations, Bottom of the Pyramid, Lead Markets, Open Innovation, Global Innovation, India, Open Global Innovation Networks, Innovation Systems

Download Working Paper 72 (PDF, 526 KB)


Note: This working paper is an unedited, authors’ version of an academic paper that was published as “Frugal Innovation: A Global Networks’ Perspective” in Die Unternehmung, (Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice), Vol. 66, Issue 03 (2012), pp. 245-274. For the final, edited & peer-reviewed copy please refer to the published article.


“Asian innovation:Frugal ideas are spreading from East to West”

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

A new report in the “Economist” talks about frugal innovations emerging out of Asia, more specifically from China and India:


Some key companies and institutions mentioned in the Economist report have been tagged as keywords to this post.

To learn more about research related to frugal innovations at our institute, click here:

Our recent publications on this topic:

1. Frugal Innovations for the ‘Unserved’ Customer: An Assessment of India’s Attractiveness as a Lead Market for Cost-effective Products“, authored by: Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt (Working Paper No. 69, TIM/TUHH, March 2012)

2. India – A Lead Market for Frugal Innovations? Extending the Lead Market Theory to Emerging Economies“, authored by: Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt (Working Paper No. 67, TIM/TUHH, Jan. 2012)

Research & Innovation: “China presents a challenge for Germany”

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Expert Commission calls for stronger cooperation, but remains mindful of risks

China’s enormous potential for innovation is perhaps the major challenge for Germany’s research sector. Now a global player, CHina has been growing strong in areas of special importance for German companies: knowledge-intensive industries and services. This is among the conclusions reached by the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) in its 2012 annual report, which was presented to Chancellor Merkel on Wednesday. While the Commission sees opportunities in intensified cooperation with China, it advises against overly generous transfer of scientifc findings, especially in application-relevant areas.

The complete press release can be downloaded here.

Source: Press release by Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI), dated: 29.02.2012.