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Global Innovation: SAP’s India Labs Emerge as a Major In-house Source for Innovative Business Solutions

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Within a year of setting up its co-innovation lab (COIL) in India, SAP’s Indian susidiary has completed 24 projects and produced 14 solutions ready to go to market, reports Daily News and Analysis (DNA) in its edition dated 6th May 2010. The report quotes Axel Henning Saleck, head of the global SAP co-innovation lab network, as saying “that around 30% of COIL projects come from the Bangalore centre, which that employs over 4,200 engineers. Saleck said SAP has partnered with 11 technology companies including Wipro, Cisco, Arteria Technologies, MindTree and others to help take ideas from the conceptualisation stage to development and finally, to the market.”

Source:, 06.05.2010.

“Innovations from India will power our future: Cisco”

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Source: The Economic Times, 23.04.2010

From its large facilities and offices to a global development center, the American IT products company, Cisco, considers India to be a key revenue-driver of the future. It hopes that efforts in this market will reap dividends in terms of steady growth. The company has launched its proprietary borderless network architecture in India, which it hopes will drive further innovation and efficiency for enterprises. Marie Hattar, vice-president, Borderless Networks Marketing, Cisco , is responsible for setting and developing a strategic vision for products and services that span switching, routing, mobility, security, and application acceleration. In an interview with Amit Sharma and Harsimran Julka [of the Economic Times], she discusses the company’s marketing plans, its green vision and growth strategy. Excerpts:

Which is your biggest market? Where does India figure in the list of your top markets?

The biggest market for Cisco is the US, but India is critical. That’s why we have a full strategy centered on the globalisation centre in India and it is a top priority. We have a lot of our global innovations coming from here. The centre is the most innovative building that Cisco has. We call it innovative because it integrates some great energy management mechanisms. We have a significant R&D work in routing, switching and security operations being carried out in India. Then there is a lot of focus on the level of talent that we get here. Talent from India is stellar and so is the level of innovation. It will power our future.

Do you find Indian firms open to experimenting with technologies?

Indian companies are always looking out for technologies that can help them become more efficient. And, yes, they really do care about cost. But when we share the Cisco vision and story with a bigger vision, it does help to a greater degree.

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